Loving the Teen Years?!?!

In 2004, Stephanie developed her own class, REAL Parenting. Fall 2013, Stephanie revised this class as Loving the Teen Years?!?! Using Diana Sterling’s book, The Parent as Coach Approach plus other materials, this class will focus primarily on how to develop and maintain your relationship with your middle school and high school children, teaching you specific, concrete skills you can use to connect and stay connected with your pre-teen and teen. You will develop mutual respect and your teen will be able to appreciate you as the resource you can become.

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Testimonials from those who took Loving the Teen Years?!?!

“Gave me a simple framework. Really shifted my relationship to my children — to one of ally — And so much info for future resourcing.” — Lorraine Fairmont, March 2014.

“Lots of good, practical information addressing all 3 critical learning elements: mindset, skill sets, tool set.” — Ian Edwards, March 2014.

“Take it. You’ll leave wanting more.” — Tova Jacober, October 2013.

“Stephanie, you created a safe place where we could be vulnerable and speak our truth and it was accepted in love.” – Susan Knott, October, 2013

“Invaluable. I learned so much and was able to put it into practice each week.” — Sheryl Schwabe, Facilitator of Love and Logic® curricula and mother of triplets, October, 2013.

“Great info. Take it before your kids become teens.” — Todd Warnke, October, 2013

Testimonials from  those who took the REAL Parenting® Class:

“My daughter said to me as I headed out for the last class, ‘Daddy, I appreciate your taking the class and I am proud of you.’” —  Jim Martin

“Excellent. Do it. It is much more valuable than just reading a book.” —  Jen Watson

“Very valuable. The most help a parent can get.” — Andy Mehren

“Would recommend it.” —  Susan Brooks

“Priceless. Changing my life.” —  Christina Huff

“I have already recommended it.”  — Steven Chetham

“Totally worth the money and time.”  — Rebecca Walker

“All parents should take this class.”  — Perry Gordon

“Excellent – understanding the teen mind is very helpful and puts things in context.” —  Harold Henke

“Stephanie’s program encourages parents to see the qualities they respect in their children and to express to them that they are valued for who they truly are. Learning to listen in an empathetic way is another whole new experience. REAL Parenting gave me tools to deal with situations I had no idea how to handle.” — Nancy Farmer

“Almost everyone in the class saw improvement in their connections with their kids in just five weeks. The bottom line is it really works. It’s not difficult to learn when presented this way.” — Sandy Hay

“You are awesome!” — Christina M.