REAL Parenting®

REAL Parenting® is about the integration of the common threads permeating all current philosophies of parenting. By bringing them together, I have created a well-rounded theory of parenting to help any parent in any situation. REAL Parenting will help parents raise emotionally and physically healthy kids.

REAL stands for Respect, Empathy, Appreciation and Love.

Respect is something all people need and want, just for being alive. Our kids, from toddlerhood through their entire lives, crave respect and respond positively when they feel respected. Being respected lets kids know, “You are valuable in my eyes. You matter.”

Empathy communicates that we understand our child’s situation, feelings, and motives. It creates a heart-to-heart connection between our kids and us. It communicates acceptance and support. By tuning into our children and their emotional experiences, both positive and negative, we have the best opportunity to respond to their needs.

Appreciation lets our kids know we value them. When we notice and comment on the things we appreciate about our children, they feel safe, important, and emotionally secure.

Love flows from genuine respect, empathy, and appreciation. Unconditional love means we love them for who they are, not for what they do. Just as a seed grows when watered, our children grow when nourished with ample amounts of respect, empathy, appreciation, and love.

Children are our most valuable resource. The kind of human beings we raise will determine the kind of world in which we will live.

Parents, you can make a difference. With parent coaching, I help you contribute to that better world by helping you make a difference by how you raise your kids. That is REAL Parenting®!