Parenting with Love and Logic®

“This is my 2nd class with Stephanie – always a great experience.” — Tim Larson, November 2010

“Do it before you are divorced.” — Chuck Myers, July 2010

“It really helps you focus on making positive and lasting changes in how you help your kids.” — Megan Haggstrom, July 2010

“Priceless, will reshape your core parenting style.” — Reneé Nichols, July 2010

“That 15 hours of time is a very valuable investment in your children’s future.” — Thomas Hughes, July 2010

“It’s great. I recommend this class to everyone.” — Margaret Grewe, July 2010

“The best parenting approach out there.” — Sandy Sartor

“It will make your life a lot more enjoyable.” — Stacey Davis

“It will help you feel better about the way you parent your children.” — Sandra Weckerly

“Bring peace to your family.” — Cheryl R.

“Invaluable.” — Patricia Meyer

“If you want to learn a win-win approach to handling power struggles and discipline problems with your children, take this class!” — Annette Huntoon

“The tools available through this class are life savers and life enhancers.” — Peggy Peters

“Quick results for such a short period of time. Happier, less stressful family life.” — Cindy Christiansen (Mom of a 15 and a 13 year old)

“This class teaches you a completely new language in how to deal with your children.” — Martha A.

“This class fits my values of what I want my kids to be like as adults, and gave me really specific ways to get them there.”— Trish Welter

“It really makes you think and makes your kids think – even during the time you’re in class!” — Sara and Dave Fulton

“Don’t miss. Even if you don’t have major issues with your children, the tools you learn in this class are invaluable for everyday application.” — Lory Dye

“Practical, immediately available tools.” — Jonathan Cardozo

“They should make it mandatory!” — Kelly Shanafelt

“I have already expressed to a number of friends and parents the benefits I have gained from the class.” — Bob Story

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!®

“An absolute must!  It should be a requisite before having children.”   — Tony Fournier, October 2010

“This class will give you the support you need to handle daily challenges.” — Denise Walker, July 2010

“This class has helped us understand how to set a good foundation of trust and love while using logic.” — Kim Duggan, July 2010

“This is the class that teaches kids are to be enjoyed and cherished not managed!”  Praveen Saluja, Summer 2010

“This class provides a toolbox full of strategies for raising healthy, happy kids.” — Bill Bensler, July 2010

“Here’s a road for turning your fussy toddler into the best teenager ever.” — Shaun Schafer, July 2010

“Helps parents feel more competent.” — Allan Guitar, LCSW, July 2010

“It gives you a headstart. Tools to survive and love a strong-willed child.” — Laura Lewandowski

“Life changing.” — Jana Maharry

“Useful tool for effective, kind and gentle parenting.” — T. Murphy

“Gives you tools to discipline without getting upset.” — Alicia Straub

“It is great, it is easy to understand, it works and doesn’t just sound good.” — Margit Wiser

“It reminds us of the more important but subtle/abstract aspects of parenting (empathy/respect).” — Anonymous

“What could be more important than learning to be the best parent you could be?” — Matthew Romano

“It will create a loving environment, not a hostile one because of power struggles.” — Tiffany Schenck

REAL Parenting® Classes

“Great value to me. Thank you for helping me re-remember and giving me new language.” — Sandra Haber

“I love the way you structured the class. The learning was priceless.” — Annette Huntoon

“Excellent. Need new ways to think about/approach to kids. Need vocabulary and practice. Can see some benefits immediately.” — Carol Navsky

“Almost everyone in the class saw improvement in their connections with their kids in just five weeks. The bottom line is it really works. It’s not difficult to learn when presented this way.” — Sandy Hay

“I feel fortunate to have taken this class now, before huge problems arise, rather than trying to fix things that are already huge issues. Thanks for your continued help in our community.”— Lisa Bell

“I would recommend this class highly.” — Steve Aldridge

“The most important thing I learned is, ‘The relationship is the key,’ not whether you can get your kids to obey you and always make the right choice.” — Heidi Hoback

“Stephanie’s program encourages parents to see the qualities they respect in their children and to express to them that they are valued for who they truly are. Learning to listen in an empathetic way is another whole new experience. REAL Parenting gave me tools to deal with situations I had no idea how to handle.” — Nancy Farmer

“It has helped me to relate to my son from a much calmer place”

“I enjoyed this class because it has made me realize that I am not the only one having teenage trouble” — Holly DeHoog

“Creative ways to talk to your child in a non-threatening way.”— Meg H.

“I have already told many that it is invaluable and should be required for all families.”

“You are awesome.” — Christina M.

Active Parenting for Stepfamilies® Classes

“Start early. Maybe even when engaged.” — Angela Alter, November 2010

“This class gives you the ways to build relationships between children and stepparents and also teaches you how to work things out together.” — Dawna P.

“Highly encouraged for those entering into stepfamily.” — Patrick H.

“This class is extremely valuable, and I would recommend taking it as soon as possible.” — Jennifer K.

“Highly recommended for stepparents – before they marry.” — Tim C.