Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

Parenting the Love and Logic Way® classes teach parents practical skills for interacting with their kids. In these classes you will learn to parent with empathy and logical consequences. Your child will learn to accept responsibility for their actions and that the quality of their lives depends upon the quality of their thinking and their decision-making. Classes are available for parents of kids of all ages.

Stephanie has been a Certified Facilitator of Love and Logic® curricula since 1997. She is pleased to be able to present Love and Logic®‘s brand new series of classes, Parenting the Love and Logic Way®, released in September 2012.

Stephanie also facilitates the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!® series which is specifically designed for parents of kids from pre-birth to age 6.

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“My daughter told me I’ve been much better as a parent since taking this class.” “I think all parents should take this class.” Jen Sato, February 2018

“Love and Logic is a very loving way to raise responsible adults and build bonds with your kids. It’s easy to learn and apply immediately.” Casey Hibbard, October 2017

“Parenting with no yelling is possible.” Jacob Paquin, October 2017

“This is a thought provoking class that challenges you to rethink your parenting strategies.” Lisa Sarasin, October 2017

“The values and concepts discussed in this class help make you a better parent and strengthen our relationships both inside and out of the home. I am so impressed with the experiences and the resources and the passion you bring…. It really is outstanding and extraordinary.” Kelly Matheson, November 2016

“Every parent should really take this class because it will change the direction of your children’s lives to function on a higher level – and make parenting actually easier.” Scott Wood, May 2016

“A must take class. Give it a chance.” Andrea Boylan, May 2016

“One of the best investments a family can make. It’s worth it.” Donna Stewart, May 2016

“Stop saying you don’t have time to take the class – take it and it will save you time by having fewer contentious and energy-draining interactions with your child.”  Mara M.

“It makes your and your children’s life more joyful.”  Jon Glafke

“It will help you create a happier family life.”  Rick Miller

“It pays 4 itself in spades.”  Laurie Brodie

“You don’t know what you don’t know. These classes teach you so much.”  Logan Strick

“It provides good, practical tools to use with my kids. As I get more proficient at using them, I feel better and more satisfied about my parenting.” L. D. Montoya

“It gives you great tools to use and the help and support you need to try them.”  Rebecca Glasmann

“It’s a fabulous tool when you don’t know what to do.” Anonymous