Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!®

Creating Happy Families and Responsible Kids

This class is directed towards parents of children pre-birth to age 6. It provides parents with specific, tangible skills to use and a mind-set that allows you to be present with your children, meet their needs, develop a loving relationship from your infant’s first day, and set developmentally appropriate limits and boundaries. It is empowering to both parents and children. Taking this class when your children are infants gives you a way of thinking about parenting and your role as a parent who can raise children from a very young age who can think and problem-solve. Nursing infants are welcome to attend.

The story below, written by my daughter, will help you understand how to apply Love and Logic® at a very young age:

Logical Consequences Taught by Snow

My toddler, as most are, is a strong-willed, ready-to-make-her-own-decisions, kind of kid. It was wintertime at our home in Colorado. There was a fresh blanket of a few inches of snow in the backyard. My daughter loves spending her time outside. So, that morning after breakfast, she asked to go outside. I don’t have any issues with that request, except that she was only wearing a diaper and snow boots, nothing else. I asked her if she would like to get dressed to go outside, or just wear her boots. She said, “NO” to getting dressed, and demanded “OUTSIDE”! As a Love and Logic® parent, I figured, “great opportunity to learn about the cold.” It won’t kill her to be cold for a few minutes, or to get snow on her skin.

Like any good parent, I helped her open the heavy sliding glass door to the patio, and watched her waddle off into the back yard, knowing she was still perfecting her snow-boot walking technique. She made a few steps onto the snow-covered grass, and then as I anticipated, tripped, and fell forwards, flat onto the snow. There was a brief moment of silence; I believe this was for her to process the shock of lying in cold snow on bare skin. Then a small whimper, followed by crying, “need gloves mommy”.

I was shocked: “gloves”? That’s it? I gently helped her to stand back up and asked, “Is it cold?” She replied, “Yes, cold, need gloves.” I didn’t have to ask her to come back into the house, because by this time she was headed there in front of me. After retrieving her gloves, she must have decided clothes were a good idea too, because she proceeded to get dressed with no battle.

For the remainder of the winter, whenever it snowed, she’d comment, “cold, need gloves.” I also never had to ask her to get dressed first before going outside again.”

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“I love that the class inspires me to go be with my kids and devote my attention to them! The Interactive Q&A is often the best part — getting Stephanie’s thoughts about real situations.” — Sierra Standish, November 2016

“It’s awesome! Makes calmer, happier families…. So knowledgeable Stephanie. You’re wonderful and a gift to society.” — Kathleen Sands, November 2016

“Feel lost? You are not alone. Come learn about a loving and logical way to parent your children.” — Jason Vogel, November 2016

“It’s profound. Such a revelation to someone who grew up in an authoritarian house.  It has helped transform me personally and will benefit all my relationships.”  — Kierstyn Bristol

“It feels like a more loving home.” — Erica Tsai, August 2013

“So worth it. Life-changing. Positive reinforcement that parenting can be fun and rewarding.”  — Ashlee Fifer

“Priceless!  It stops the war and starts building a team of parents and kids.”—  Siobhan Bales-Heisterkamp

“You gain new tools and parenting skills and a new perspective on how to interact with kids.” — Pam Fuerst

“It’s invaluable.” — David Parmenter

“A great value. Better now than later.” — Danielle Patrick, August 2013

“Get more love and less fighting!” — Chris Geer, August 2013

“There is no ‘right way’ to parent.  There are a vast array of tools provided in love and logic to help parents to feel more comfortable in our roles with our children.” — Tanya S. Unger-Holtz

“It increases the odds of having a happy, functional family. Stephanie is an excellent teacher.” — Ron Mullin

“More than a book – provides the practical discussion to help tailor the skills to make it stick and work.” — Linda Ross

“It gives you a headstart. Tools to survive and love a strong-willed child.” — Laura Lewandowski

“Life changing.” — Jana Maharry

“Gives you tools to discipline without getting upset.” — Alicia Straub

“It is great, it is easy to understand, it works and doesn’t just sound good.” — Margit Wiser